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Product: CEPEDA line for lids
Category: Used machines

CEPEDA line for lids 73mm and 83 mm.

The line "CEPEDA" (Spain) is designed for the production of lids
73 mm and 83 mm in diameter made of lacquered or lithographed sheet metal
up to 0.19 mm thick. Consists of an automatic press with a five-row tool,
a double-row curling machine and an Italian paston pad with an OMPI oven. Stove burner
runs on propane. The line elements are connected by a conveyor system. Line
operated intermittently from April 2008 to November 2010. Year of release: 2006.

For cover 83 mm - up to 700 pcs / min., From sheets 0.19 x 940.5 x 944.2 mm, TH 435
For 73mm cover. - up to 800 pcs / min., From sheets 0.19 x 1058.6 x 886.4 mm, TH 435

The line includes:
• EP pallet lift
• SLF sheet lubrication system
• CNC sheet feeder CNC-A4
• Press for punching sheets PD 40/110/2150
TL outlet conveyor
Reverse conveyor TI 1500
• Input double-row conveyor TDEO 1500
• Double-row curl OCF-2
NPD 524 conveyor connection system
• OMPI MTD 80-109 double-row paston pad
• Vertical furnace FVDTC-800-109
• Double row stacker RMD -185
• Stamp Kit 73 mm. 70FC493
• Stamp Kit 83 mm. 80FC494